Who are we?
We are a company dedicated to the sale, rental, service and maintenance of ozone generators for environmental disinfection, with an innovative, ecological and natural technology without use of chemicals. Sanity System Our generators are portable and are therefore easy to carry anywhere you need an environmental disinfection, tested for 8,000 hours of operation, that is an average of about 10,000 treatments. Ozone generators are very simple to use and simply using air and electricity.
We work respecting the environment.

What do we do?
We are dedicated to the welfare of people, deodorizing and cleaning environments eliminating sawed: bacteria viruses fungi, etc. Removing odors such as snuff, food, vomit, etc. Above all we try villas, houses, hotels, sports centers, wellness spa, health center and schools, restaurants, vehicles, boats. Reducing the risk of transmission between humans and animals. Budget measures and free consultation.
Your Health & Wellness our main objective.