What is Ozone?

Ozone is a natural gas universally known for its properties:

It is microbicidal because it kills bacteria by cell lysis attacking their protective membranes oxidative mechanism and altering its internal enzymes without leaving chemical residues. Many viruses are previously disabled and then physically destroyed, while in other viruses, entering depth, ozone damages the viral nucleic acids. Furthermore, so refers to organic molecules nature, they are attacked by ozone oxidative action by atomic oxygen (O) or compounds forming unstable (ozonide) causing breakage of the molecules themselves.

It is because the action deodorant ozone masking but does not involve the destruction of volatile compounds present in the odor carrier groups; ie it does not cover odors but eliminates them.

For these properties Ozone is used worldwide to disinfect both environments and water.


Ozone is artificially produced by ozone generators.
Our SANITY SYSTEM OZONE GENERATORS have latest technology and are innovative and easy to use, have three fully automated programs, low, medium and high, lasting 20 to 85 minutes.
Part of the time is production and saturation of the environment and the last very important part, called ACTIVATION converts the oxygen in ozone.
In 1982, in the United States, it was recognized as OZONE GAS SAFE for food use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Estimated times for the destruction of microorganisms with ozone.


Strep. Lactis  0’14”  Paramecium  5’30”
Strep. Aureus  0’10”  Saccharomyces elipsoideus  0’22”
Sarcina Lutea  0’44”  Saccharomices sp.  0’29”
Escherichia coli  1’00”  Algae  0’36”
Staphilococcus  10’00”  Legionnaire’s disease  19’00”
Pyogenes Aureus  10’00”  Microbacterio  20’00”
Paratubercolosis Vibrio Cholerae  20’00”  Virus Ebola  20’00”
Salmonella Typi  3’00”  Mosaic disease